Turbine Broach Company is a broach manufacturing facility, specializing in precision tools for turbine engines. We are capable of manufacturing dovetail broaches for use in several applications, such as power generation, military vehicles, and commercial aircraft. All of our tools are machined in our facility located in Hernando, Florida; We are proud to have all aspects of our manufacturing process performed in the United States.

In the past, we have worked with several leading aerospace companies, including General Electric Aviation, Tusas Engine Industries, and Bet-Shemesh Engines. Turbine Broach Company has also participated in GE's Supplier Excellence quality assurance program and consistently scored high ratings. We have maintained our ISO-9001 certification since 1998, and are currently ISO-9001:2008 certified.

Turbine Broach Company has been providing quality tools since its incorporation in 1972. We are a family run business, founded by Clifford W. Short, a pioneer in the aerospace broach field. Currently, we are owned and operated by his son, Timothy Short, who has been with the business since 1978.

Our ownership prides itself with having a close relationship with its employees. As a small business, management and employees are encouraged to work together. Although our workforce is relatively small, their combined broach making experience exceeds 290 years.

We have recently expanded our capacity, moving to a new facility in Hernando, FL. This manufacturing center provides employees with a comfortable and productive workspace that promotes high quality craftsmanship. The larger building has the capability for the addition of new machines and state-of-the-art additions for broach manufacturing.